Private Pilot Course

So… you have decided to learn to fly! Begin Your Adventure! Take That First Step, Talking with One of Our Flight Instructors.

The Private Pilot certificate is your first step. Anyone can do it with the right help from a good instructor. All Aircraft Trainings experienced instructors offer personalized flight training that will work around your busy schedule. We will first meet with you to talk about your goals and the time you can devote to flight training. We will discuss your planned use of your certificate and the kinds flights you will be making and design a course of action that will most efficiently let you achieve your goal of becoming a pilot. Call us today at 754-357-8400 or email us to get started on the adventure of a lifetime.
You can train in any of our aircraft, or in your own aircraft. All of our You may want to combine training with personal or business flights you may need to make from time to time and we will be happy to help you do that and gain valuable real world experience. Integrated ground and flight training will prepare you to confidently take your Private Pilot check ride with one of our FAA Designated Pilot Examiners.

What is it going to cost ?

Well, as we have said, it’s different for each individual, but you can use this as a guide:

Aircraft Rental 40 Hours @ $ – $3,960
Fuel (approximate cost, prices vary) – $1,900
Flight Instruction 30 Hours @ $50 hr – $1,500
Ground Instruction (Approximate cost) 10 Hours @ $50per hr – $500

Total $7,860

Also Required:
FAA 3rd Class Medical / Student Pilot Certificate $60.
FAA Knowledge Test $150.00
Examiners Fee Flight Test $500.
Books Charts Etc. $200

Note: Assumes mostly a self study method for ground subjects. Video’s recommended.