Multi Engine Rating Course

The Multi Engine course. All Aircraft Training offers the Airplane Multi Engine Land rating using the Diamond DA-42 TwinStar with the Garmin G-1000. The multi engine rating can be added to an existing Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land Certificate with about 10 hours of instruction in the multi-engine aircraft. There is no FAA written test or specific time requirements for this rating if you already have a complex aircraft endorsement. During your multi-engine training, you will learn the systems of the multi-engine aircraft, engine out aerodynamics and how to master engine-out operations. It’s certainly better to add the Multi-Engine rating after you already have your Instrument rating. If you don’t, you will have a VFR only limitation to your Certificate and later when you add your Instrument Rating, you will then have to demonstrate engine out operations while flying on the instruments. Many people do their initial multi-engine rating in conjunction with their Commercial Certificate. For more information on that approach see our Commercial Course offerings.

Commercial Rating Course

Obtaining your commercial pilot certificate will allow you to fly for hire. This is the first step towards the goal for those wanting a career in aviation. However, it is also good for those wanting to just continue to learn and be better pilots. During commercial pilot training, you will learn to fly the plane more precisely and coordinated than you ever did before. You will learn limited aerobatic maneuvers like lazy eights and chandelles and learn to be more precise with power off accuracy landings.
Most people choose to get both Single Engine and Multi-Engine Commercial certificates at the same time. All Aircraft Training can offer this using any of our single engine aircraft both Cessna, Cirrus or Piper Saratoga with the multi-engine portion done in the Multi Engine aircraft. On the practical flight test, you will demonstrate most of the maneuvers in the single and then go back up in the Twin to do multi-engine operations. This method allows you to get the Commercial and Multi-Engine Certificates concurrently.
For those wanting to do only Single Engine Commercial or only Multi-Engine Commercial, we do offer personalized instruction leading to those ratings as well.
Although it is possible to get a Commercial Certificate without holding an Instrument Rating, we strongly recommend against this, as you will have severe restrictions on your operations as a commercial pilot.