Agents from the Office of Air and Marine with the Tucson Air Branch recently assisted several law enforcement agencies with specialized training for aviation operations and aircraft familiarization. Participating in the training were several law enforcement canines.  

Numerous local and state agencies from across Southern Arizona participated in the air operations and aircraft familiarization with their K-9 partners; training was conducted using one of the air branch’s UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. Topics included in the training were tactics, safety and operations. According to law enforcement officials, tactically deploying K-9 units from aircraft can be beneficial, especially when conducting rescues in rugged terrain or searching for suspects in areas with no easy access for ground vehicles.“We thank OAM for providing this invaluable training,” said Steve Lowe, K-9 training officer for Arizona’s Department of Corrections, in a recent release. “This will help new handlers and K-9s to safely deploy from helicopters.”Alexander Zamora, a Tucson Air Branch operations officer, said this training is “…just one example of the variety of operations we conduct. We work every day with local, state and other federal agencies in training and operations.”