Introductory Flight

Only $99

Getting Started


1. Contact us

2. Visit the school.
You may choose to call us to discuss your interest in flight training, but it’s also a good idea to visit in person. Call ahead to ensure a flight instructor will be available to speak with you, give you a tour of the facilities, and show you the airplanes the school uses for training. You can either schedule your introductory flight while you’re here. Your intro flight will include discussion with a flight instructor before the flight and then go flying. You can expect to pay $99. dollars

3. Go flying!
During your introductory flight, your flight instructor will be sitting beside you with another set of flight controls, but you’ll be in the pilot’s seat! This is your first flight lesson, and you’ll see what it’s like to visually inspect the aircraft before flight, take off, fly, land, park, and shutdown! You’ll probably fly a popular training airplane like a Diamond DA40, Cessna or a Cirrus. Your flight will last about 30 minutes and you can even log that time in your logbook so it counts toward the required flight time for your private pilot certificate!

4. Schedule flight lessons.
When you make the decision to learn to fly, your training is done when it’s convenient for you. Fly before or after work, on weekends, whenever you want so you can still maintain work and family commitments. Discuss this with a flight instructor to be sure that your schedules are compatible.