The Instrument Rating Course

All Aircraft Training offers the Instrument Rating course for pilots in our aircraft or of course, in your own aircraft. We have instructors with vast experience with most all avionics systems installed on general aviation aircraft today. All Aircraft Training’s instructors all have real world flying experience to pass on. Our current instructor roster includes FAA Certified Flight Instructor s Master Instructors, FAA Designated Pilot Examiners and some of the most experienced instructors in the world. Our approach is a structured one that incorporates “real world” flying scenarios at its core.

Instrument training consists of four basic parts, aircraft control, aircraft systems understanding, procedures and regulations and most importantly … weather understanding that incorporates the ability to make sound judgments both before the flight and during the flight. Only an instructor with a good deal of real world IFR flying can help you learn the last topic. All of us routinely fly in the weather and we can help you develop your understanding of weather to make flying a more reliable means of transportation while still staying safe.

Those pilots training in the glass panel aircraft will be trained using the latest teaching methods for these types of aircraft. You will be thoroughly trained to handle abnormal and emergency operations resulting in your being a confident, single pilot, IFR flyer.

Instrument Rating Estimated Costs

The FAA’s minimum requirement for the instrument rating is 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time. Using the new glass cockpit aircraft is a great advantage to pilots for situational awareness. We find that because of this, the vast majority of pilots are able to complete the instrument rating in minimal time. While the cost will vary with each individual due to ability and aircraft selected, here is a basic idea of what the rating will cost at a minimum.
Aircraft rates and individual instructor rates vary. The prices below are shown as a guide only.

Aircraft Rental 40 Hours @ $ – $3,960
Fuel (approximate cost, prices vary) – $1,900
Flight Instruction 40 Hours @ $50 hr – $2,000
Ground Instruction (Approximate cost) 10 Hours @ $50per hr – $500

Total $8,360.

FAA Knowledge Test $150
Examiners Fee  Flight Test $500.

Note: Assumes mostly a self study method for ground subjects Home study video’s recommended. Cost is approximate and based on proficiency.